About me

My name is Scott Kelley. I go by 'Moloth' online. No, i'm not the Russian death metal band (I've been using this name since, like, 1991). Nor am I an astronaut, despite my childhood predictions.

I'm a programmer, a geek and a gamer. Yes, I lived in Chattanooga, TN. And Warner Robins, GA. Now I'm in Sacramento, CA (and I love it). You may have been in a D&D game i've run. Or have played WoW, STO, or some other MMO, with me. Maybe I've argued with you online. Maybe you've heard me talk to nerds about Star Trek.

Or, perhaps, I've written code (ColdFusion / SQL) for your Insurance company. I used to do that a lot. I've worked on school/student management software. I was an Independent Contractor (i.e. mercenary with a laptop) for long enough to realize that I loved the freedom, but not the lack of paid holidays... or health insurance. Now, I'm a Programmer Supervisor with the UCDHS Institute for Population Health Improvement – California Department of Public Health for the California Tobacco Control Program (CTCP).

This site used to have a blog and... oh, man, get this... a FORUM. Social media has utterly annihilated the need for such contrivances, so I have hand-coded this website to replace it. I mean, i'm a web-developer, right? I should at least code my own personal site.

The main page is just a bunch of links to my various accounts online and a link to my personal e-mail. Let no one ever say that I made myself hard to find.

Scott Kelley - 11/27/2015